Core Development

Core Development

A strong core is important for any athlete and especially for sprinters. Core training can be performed on a daily basis or at least 2 to 3 times a week.  One of the best ways to get in a core workout is to do them as a circuit. The circuit should include exercises that target the upper, lower, and cross section of the core area. The circuit can be performed as a timed interval (30 second or 1 minute) for each exercise or as a specific count (25, 50, or 100) for each exercise. There should be a small rest period between each exercise. 

Common Core Exercises


Bent Leg Raises

Mountain Climbers

Russian Twist

Scissors kicks

Push ups

Good Mornings

Cross Over Elbow to Knee


Side plank


Toe Touch

Bird Dog

V-ups or Jack Knife



Side Crunch

Flutter Kicks

Ankle Grabs

Core Development Tools

An Ab wheel can be used to concentrate on the core area. 

A Plank/AB Exercise Pad  can be used to provide comfort to your arms while performing front and side planks.

Pull Up Ab Straps to be used with a pull up bar to do knee ups, leg lifts, and oblique twist.

TRX Suspension Straps to isolate the core and hit from different angles.

Medicine Ball exercises.

BOSU Ball can be used to add balance to exercises.

Stability Ball can also be used to add balance and difficulty to exercises.

Resistance bands and tubing can be used to provide resistance to strengthen the core.