Energy Systems

The Three Energy Systems

There are 3 energy systems that runners have to be aware of and each system has to be trained a specific way.

The 3 energy systems:

ATP – PC (Adenosine Triphosphate Phosphocreatine) or referred to as the Power system (phosphagen)  (non-oxygen dependent) (without oxygen) . Running events lasting 10-30 sec.

Glycolytic system (anaerobic) (non-oxygen dependent) (without oxygen) (dependent on muscle glycogen) (stored carbohydrates). Running events lasting  1-2 min.

Aerobic or Oxidative  system (oxygen dependent) (with oxygen). Running events lasting several minutes to hours.                                                                                 

Energy used for each sprint distance

Percentage of energy system used for each sprint distance:

100m              5-10% aerobic       90-95% anaerobic

200m            15-20% aerobic       80-85% anaerobic

400m            30-40% aerobic       60-70% anaerobic

800m            50-60% aerobic       40-50% anaerobic